Root Lift Hair Volumizer


Add volume, texture and fullness to hair with Gloss & Toss Root Lift available online.


What It Is:
Gloss & Toss is a foam to spray product delivery that gives volume and fullness to hair without feeling heavy or tacky. A direct-spray nozzle provides precision in application while adding lift, dimension, volume and overall style support. For all hair types especially fine hair or hair that lacks volume.


Who It’s For:

  • Clients who routinely blow-dry their hair
  • Clients who want volume and fullness to their hairstyle
  • Clients who say their hair “falls flat”
  • Clients who want a voluminous or fuller hairstyle without products feeling sticky or heavy


Key Benefits:

  • Gives fullness and volume to overall hairstyle
  • Direct nozzle applicator helps apply product to desired areas
  • Foam to spray technology delivers the results of a mousse in a spray type product
  • UV Defenders help protect hair


How To Use:

  • Begin with clean-wet hair
  • After smoothing or detangling hair, apply Gloss & Toss Root Lift to areas where added volume or fullness is desired
  • Work through areas with fingertips
  • Begin blow-drying hair lifting sections of hair in an upward manner to support “lift” effects in hairstyle
  • Finish style as desired
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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs