• Paddle Brush for Daily Brushing and Hair Styling | Gloss & Toss


    The Gloss & Toss® Paddle Brush is a revolutionary multi-purpose paddle brush, great for general styling, routine brushing, and so much more. 

    • 94 count durable bristles on a cushioned base - great for ALL hair types
    • Durable/firm bristles create a wonderful, long-lasting styling tool
    • Proprietary blend of polymers help reduce friction and static  
    • Wider bristle setting helps create a smooth finish when styling
    • Tourmaline bristles are ion-infused to help impart moisture and create smooth results
    • A "must-have" for thicker hair types - amazing "brush-through results" on thick, coarse and curly hair types
    • Ergonomic design with easy-grip handle to prevent slipping
    • Stand-up technology allows brush to stand after use to allow drying

    -For best results, begin with Gloss & Toss® PREP when detangling.  
    -For general styling or blow-drying, be sure to use Gloss & Toss® SHINE - our signature blow-dry serum. 
    -Finish with Gloss & Toss® FLEX-SPRAY set to your desired hold level to finish your style.