• Detangle Brush - Best for Detangling Hair


    Detangle Brush - Best for Detangling Hair (Wet or Dry), Basic Styling, and Brushing.

    The Detangle Brush from Gloss & Toss is among the best in hair detangler brushes for smooth, no tugging or pulling results.  Great for detangling hair and basic brushing and styling. 

    Our Detangle Brush is great for all hair types as well as wet hair or dry hair. This professional detangling brush is safe for hair extensions, color treated hair, as well as fine or thin hair.  Using the Detangle Brush from Gloss & Toss gives smooth, tangle free and stress free results when brushing hair, basic styling, applying hair treatments or simply detangling hair on a routine basis. 

    • Save time when detangling and brushing hair
    • Reduce painful tugging and other discomforts of routine hair brushing.
    • Minimize damaging results that other detangler brushes may bring on 
    • Minimize harsh pulling and breakage with this professional detangling hair styling tool
    • Lightweight design makes detangling hair and general brushing easier and more comfortable
    Our Detangle Brush is more comfortable than other detangler brushes or hair styling tools on the market.
    • 170 Ultra-flexible and durable bristles provide flexibility and comfort during hair detangling and daily hair brushing or styling. 

    Reduce stress and tension as well as breakage to hair with this professional hair brush available here on our site. Leading hair stylists agree - our Detangle Brush is a must-have for every beauty routine and red carpet hair routine.  Providing stress free results, the Detangle Brush by Gloss & Toss is perfect for detangling hair, general brushing, hair treatments and is great for all hair types - wet or dry! A red carpet favorite, this lightweight gentle detangler brush is loved by celebrities and leading hair stylists here in Hollywood and around the world.

    Did you know?  The lighter the brush or styling tool, the less stress there is applied to your body when brushing or styling. Thus, the less fatigue you'll feel and you'll use less tension when detangling hair or styling hair as a result 

    Detangle Brush Details:

    • Lightweight design makes brushing hair, detangling and general hair styling more comfortable. Truly a  must-have for your hair care and hair styling routine
    • Round bristle tips make brushing, and detangling hair more comfortable by providing a "glide through" feel 
    • Padded cushion gives ease of movement during detangling and brushing as well as more comfort to scalp
    • Our ergonomic "easy-grip" handle prevents slipping and allows for more comfortable use
    • Stand-up design enables you to stand Detangle Brush in an upright manner to dry after use
    • Softer flex-type bristles also work well with extensions and our Detangle Brush is safe for color treated or chemically treated hair

    Best ways to detangle your hair:

    • Gently with your hands, separate hair into two sections (or in half). Avoid tugging or pulling hair and allow hair to separate or divide naturally so as not to pull, tug or stress the hair.  After you've divided hair into two sections,  take those two sections and divide in half so you now have 4 sections.  Keep repeating until you have 8 to 12 sections (depending on thickness, length, density of hair).  You may only need a few sections for shorter or more fine hair types.
    • To detangle hair, begin brushing hair at the bottom of sections and work your way up to the scalp area.   By starting at the bottom, the tangled portions of hair are able to drop out so you can move up to the next section and brush through smoothly without pushing tangles on top of tangles.  It's important that the tangled areas drop out of the bottom first - before moving up the strands of hair with your Detangle  Brush. Brushing and detangling hair in this manner keeps hair strong, more easily managed and less damaged.

    Our Detangle Brush has been so well received it was featured in Hollywood Swag Bag events honoring SAG AWARDS and OSCARS nominees. 

    • Gloss & Toss® PREP - a light-weight leave-in conditioner (spray) that delivers smooth, silky results to hair.  for best results before wet-brushing and detangling.  Silk amino acids, horsetail and aloe all help smooth hair, add strength and shine, and protects against environmental damage. 
    • Apply Gloss & Toss® SHINE - for the perfect blow-out or for any wash and wear look.  This light-weight serum does not feel greasy nor heavy, and delivers beautiful results to hair. 


    The Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush is frequently mentioned on top news segments and daytime talk shows and has appeared in many other media mentions and celebrity gifting suites. This gentle detangler brush has destressed the tresses of many an A-Lister and customers around the world love the ease of use when brushing their hair or working through a smoothing or detangling process to their hair.

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