Smoothing Duo Hairstyling Set



What It Is:
Gloss & Toss Smoothing Duo combines two of our top items to bring the best results in blow-drying your hair. Gloss & Toss Prep Leave-In Conditioner sets the stage for thermal styling hair and Gloss & Toss Shine Serum helps speed up blow-dry time while giving a beautiful finished result in your blow-dry.

Who It’s For:

  • Clients who routinely blow-dry their hair
  • Clients who experience frizz or “unruly” hair
  • Clients who want to “perfect” that blow-dry effort at home
  • Clients who live in harsh weather conditions or experience weather effects in their hair
  • Clients who color or chemically process their hair
  • Clients who want to save time in their hair styling procedures
  • Anyone who loves the feeling of silky, radiant looking hair

Key Benefits:

  • Speed up blow-dry time
  • Key essentials like Chamomile and Green Tea Extract help hydrate and protect hair
  • Fight frizz & humidity
  • Control unruly ends
  • Protect color treated hair
  • Adds silky smooth polish and shine

How To Use:

  • Begin with clean-wet hair
  • Apply Prep Leave-In Hair Treatment throughout hair and distribute through with Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush or Paddle Brush
  • Apply 1-2 pumps of Shine serum to palms
  • Distribute evenly mid-sections to ends
  • Blow-dry in normal manner