Sea Salt Spray


Get added volume and texture with Gloss & Toss Sea Salt Spray

Sea Salt Spray is a great product for adding texture and volume to hair. Create a variety of looks and hairstyles with this lightweight spray which can be added to wet or dry hair. Great for that Beachy Hair look and soft wind-tossed tresses.


What It Is:
Gloss & Toss® Sea Salt Spray is a soft styling spray giving gorgeous “beachy-hair” results. Adds volume and texture without feeling tacky or stiff and can be used to create a variety of styles and looks. It’s as if you spent a day at the beach. Fortified with a unique algae extract, our Sea Salt Spray is great for all hair types for body and movement. Get gorgeous “beachy hair” results with just a few pumps.


Who It’s For:

  • Clients who enjoy soft wind-swept styles or “beachy hair” looks
  • Clients who want to “revive” hairstyle or give added texture/fullness
  • Clients with fine hair types who want to add a more voluminous/natural look
  • Clients who enjoy “scrunch and style” hairstyle results


Key Benefits:

  • Gives fullness and volume to overall hairstyle
  • Helps create soft wind-swept looks and “day at the beach” results
  • Helps fine/thin hair types look fuller
  • Soft results that do not feel tacky or stiff
  • Can be applied to wet or dry hair for a variety of styles


How To Use:

  • Apply a few pumps of Sea Salt Spray to hair
  • Style hair in a “scrunching” manner (either wet or dry) finger styling works well w/ this product
  • Use blow-dryer (nozzle or diffuser) to dry hair as you shape hair with fingers
  • Finish style as desired
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Additional information

Weight .75 lbs