Moisture Hair Care Kit
Give hair essential moisture and nutrients w/ the Gloss & Toss Moisture Kit.
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Shop professional fine hair products Gloss & Toss
Professional Hair Care Fine Thin Hair
Fine Thin Hair needs extra care and tips so shop online with Gloss & Toss for a hair care kit for fine or thin hair.
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Professional Hair Care for Dry Hair
Professional Hair Care for Dry Hair Type
Shop online for a collection of hair products for dry hair recommended by Gloss & Toss.
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Professional hair set for oily type
Professional Hair Care for Oily Hair Type

Oily hair can often feel lifeless, greasy and weighed down. Customers with oily hair or scalp types often prefer no styling products at all because anything feels like too much. These lightweight products from Gloss & Toss provide just enough to give hair a little something more.

This kit includes the following key products from the Gloss & Toss product line-up:

Enjoy this professional "All-in-One" kit from Gloss & Toss Hair Care.
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Professional hair care color treated hair
Professional Hair Kit for Color Treated Hair
Shop Gloss & Toss online hair and beauty store for professional products for color or chemically treated hair.
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Red carpet hairstyling set Gloss & Toss
Red Carpet Rescue Hairstyling Kit and Carrying Case

Red Carpet results with a complete hair care kit used by Hollywood hair stylists on set!

This deluxe hair care set features 7 key essentials to hair and hair styling to help demystify the world of Hollywood glam. A true beauty must-have for your hair styling routine. This Grab and Go Beauty Kit contains  7  of our top sellers including:
  • Daily Nourish Duo Shampoo & Conditioner Set
  • Prep Leave-in moisture and smoothing treatment
  • Root Boost Hair Volumizer for the ultimate in volume and lift
  • Sea Salt Spray for texture and shape
  • Detangle Brush for easier brushing, detangling and light styling
  • Flex Spray Versatile Styling Hairspray for gorgeous and glam finishing results
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Smoothing Duo hairstyling Set by Gloss & Toss
Smoothing Duo Hairstyling Set

What It Is: Gloss & Toss Smoothing Duo combines two of our top items to bring the best results in blow-drying your hair. Gloss & Toss Prep Leave-In Conditioner sets the stage for thermal styling hair and Gloss & Toss … Continued

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Texture trio hairstyling set Gloss & Toss
Texture Trio Hairstyling Set
Add texture, volume and fullness with our best products for lift and support by Gloss & Toss.
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