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About Gloss & Toss Professional Hair Products

Leading hair and beauty trends around the world with red carpet products available online.

Gloss & Toss Hair Care was developed with our customers in mind and it was developed by leading hair and beauty industry experts, not spokesmodels. We began as one product; a simple hair serum to use in our work here in Hollywood and with our clients in the hair salon. From press junkets to daily blow-outs, our serum was tried and true and we’ve since grown into a full hair care line including our famous Detangle Brush, Flex-Spray Versatile Hairspray, and our Hair care kits based on your hair type.

We recognize that it’s one thing to speak or write about hair care or hair styling tips, but it’s another to know it. Our brand was created by and tested by leading beauty experts including our founder Hollywood hair stylist and National Beauty Expert Billy Lowe.

Gloss & Toss is cruelty-free!

Gloss & Toss is a proud Cruelty-Free Company. Through the years we have worked on countless cruelty-free campaigns and organizations including Cruelty Free International with Mayim Bialik, Born-Free USA, and Leaping Bunny.

Having worked with these organizations and gaining valuable “behind the scenes” knowledge, we’ve learned a great deal and we’ve grown in our own brand vision. We’ve been honored to participate in countless events educational productions supporting various organizations and special events including those with Born Free USA as well as Cruelty Free International. We are also honored to have our brand listed on the national registry for brands who do not perform animal testing.

Photo Credits: Mayim Bialik for Cruelty Free International

Hair by Gloss & Toss®. Photo Lesslie Hassler/Cruelty Free International.

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Gloss & Toss is “On-Air”

From morning talk shows to daytime news segments, Gloss & Toss hair care proves to be a leader when it comes to beauty education and product knowledge.

We know customers look for the best in beauty when it comes to hair products, personal tips, techniques and tutorials.This is why Gloss & Toss hair products keep an active presence in the world media and entertainment. You’ll find our tips and techniques on today’s hottest talk shows and news segments like the Hallmark Home and Family Show and countless other media sources around the world.

GLOSS & TOSS EXCLUSIVE BEAUTY TIP: Prior to using Dry Shampoo on hair, we recommend using oil blotting sheets or soft tissue at the scalp area to remove excess build-up such as oil or other product build-up. This will help Dry Shampoo disperse more easily and give longer lasting results!

Gloss & Toss is Now!

Gloss & Toss hair products deliver red carpet results that last and they are among the best in the hair care industry. Leading hair stylists use Gloss & Toss products on and off the red carpet and behind the scenes of Hollywood. These coveted products have been featured in celebrity gifting suites, used by leading Hollywood actors, tops stylists in the beauty industry and of course, loved by customers just like you from around the world.

Customers around the world have come to rely on the excellent formulations, the convenience of shopping online for the best beauty products, and the most amazing results time and time again with products that support healthy, shiny, radiant looking hair. Gloss & Toss makes it easy to shop online by visiting our shop page online and browsing our suggested hair kits for your hair type.

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