Red Carpet Hair Results and Top Hair Styling Tips with Gloss & Toss.

Red Carpet Hair and today's styling how to's are right here at Gloss & Toss Hair Products have been featured on today's hottest talk shows and news segments, celebrity gifting suites, and they are loved by customers everywhere, just like you. 

A few of our best hair styling products include our signature hair serum (Shine), Detangle Brush, Daily Nourish Duo (Shampoo & Conditioner Set) just to name a few.  

DRY SHAMPOO HAIR TIP:  Did you know Gloss & Toss offers an amazing Dry Shampoo? Before applying any dry shampoo, we recommend using an oil blotting sheet (as you would for your face) or simply a tissue, to absorb excess oil at the scalp area before applying dry shampoo. This will help remove build-up from root and scalp area, and allow your Dry Shampoo to disperse more easily throughout, giving hair a lighter, softer look and feel.  For more red carpet hair styling tips please visit our hair tips page and enjoy.