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It’s no secret that celebrity beauty and Hollywood hair is the talk of every beauty ritual. At Gloss & Toss we take great pride in knowing these trends because we work with them. This season we’re proud to reveal our hair care sets created for 4 very specific hair types. See which hair type best describes your daily needs and concerns. As beauty experts, we know that there are more than 4 “hair types” or “hair concerns” but these are some of the more common hair care topics we hear about in salons everywhere. These are also some of the most frequently discussed hair types or concerns we read about in magazines or other media sources. So which hair type are you? Click the hair type link below that you feel describes your hair type or hair care concerns. Not sure which to choose? Perhaps you experience seasonal changes in hair care. That, too, is a possibility. But for now, focus on where your beauty needs are today. We’ll be here to help you with those seasonal changes as they show up.

Product hair care kit for oily hair

Cleanse and care for your hair without heavy or “weighed-down” results. $109.95


Professional hair care kit for Fine or Thin Hair

Lightweight products that deliver red carpet hairstyling results. $109.95


Professional hair care kit for dry, damaged hair

Sometimes, less is more. This kit contains the basics and an endless array of care options. $99.95


Professional hair care kit for color treated hair

The finest in hair care products to help protect the integrity of color-treated hair. $119.95


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