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Gloss & Toss Hair Products, including our hair serum, Shine, and the best Detangle Brush (we believe) in the industry, are Red Carpet favorites with back-stage-beauties and social influencers. Our red carpet products are also loved by some of the best hair stylists in Hollywood.  In fact, our Detangle Brush was featured in 2017 Red Carpet Gifting Suites in Hollywood and our hair serum (Shine) was featured in 2016 Red Carpet Gifting Suites here in Hollywood. 

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Red Carpet Hair is the cover of many magazines and the inspiration of consumers around the world.  At Gloss & Toss, we seek to demystify the world of Hollywood beauty to make products and tips available to shoppers everywhere. Developed by celebrity hair stylist Billy Lowe, Gloss & Toss offers a variety of hair care products providing countless styling results. From our signature blow-dry serum Shine to our ultimate Detangle brush, clients have enjoyed shopping online at glossandtoss.net and getting tips and techniques along the way.  

DRY SHAMPOO HAIR TIP:  Did you know Gloss & Toss offers an amazing Dry Shampoo? Before applying any dry shampoo, we recommend using an oil blotting sheet (as you would for your face) or simply a tissue, to absorb excess oil at the scalp area before applying dry shampoo. This will help remove build-up from root and scalp area, and allow your Dry Shampoo to disperse more easily throughout, giving hair a lighter, softer look and feel.  For more red carpet hair styling tips please visit our hair tips page and enjoy.  

Gloss & Toss prize give-aways featured on Let's Make a Deal this season.  Look for more Gloss & Toss Red Carpet Hair style tips and features in your favorite magazines and shows this season. We are working hard to demystify the world of Hollywood Beauty to make products, tips and services available for customers everywhere, easily online. 

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