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From red carpet beauty events to styling how to's, even $10,000 makeovers in New York.  Our team has just about seen it all.  Take a look at some of the mentions in press and media for the Gloss & Toss brand.  

June 2017 - Healthy Hair Tips - 9 Things to do for Amazing Hair. These tips cover everything from scalp care to giving hair a break, even not over-doing it with your Dry Shampoo products.  Tips and ideas shared by industry experts are important especially in harsh weather and we hope these ideas from our founder Billy Lowe are helpful to you this season and beyond.  Be sure to check out our Hair and Scalp Healing Oil for deeper moisture and add on treatments this season.  

NATIONAL EXAMINER MAGAZINE 2017:  Once again Gloss & Toss was among leading celebrity swag gifts during OSCARS and SAG AWARDS seasons and our Detangle Brush was received by countless celebrities in their red carpet gift bags.  Among these A-Listers were Jane Fonda, Sophia Vergara, Tina Fey and many others.  Our Detangle Brush has set the standard in detangle and multi-use brushes and is great for detangling, general brushing and styling, in-salon hair treatments, and so much more. 

HALLMARK HOME & FAMILY:  Look for Gloss & Toss products and suggestions on the Hallmark Home & Family show year after year. Whether you're looking for daily style tips or how to care for your hair season to season, we're bringing you great tips and trends in keeping your hair looking its best all year long.  Got dry hair? Try our hot new Hair and Scalp Healing Oil.  Want more texture?  Check out our Sea Salt Spray for that perfect "beachy" texture and look.   Tune into the Hallmark Home & Family Show Monday through Friday at 10am (check local listings.  We look forward to seeing you there.  

WOMAN'S WORLD MAGAZINE:  How to get frizz-free hair and gorgeous tresses year round.  Gloss & Toss blow-dry serum named a best for smoothing hair, protecting against thermal styling and environmental damage, and keeping hair "runway ready."  

Yahoo Finance: Celebrities get red carpet ready for 2017 SAG events with a little help from Gloss & Toss Hair Care.  Awards seasons are full of celebrity swag and this season many celebrities got red carpet ready with new items from Gloss & Toss such as our Daily Nourish Shampoo & Conditioner Duo, Detangle Brush, Shine serum, and more. 

OFFERS.COM BLOG:   Gloss & Toss HAIR & SCALP HEALING OIL named a BEST BEAUTY STOCKING STUFFER for 2016.  Hair and scalp treatments are essential to beauty routines and this all-natural oil for hair and scalp is a true "winner" when it comes to your beauty routine.  Helps protect and nourish hair and scalp, add shine, nourish damaged ends, and so more. See Best beauty stocking stuffers for article. 

NATIONAL EXAMINER MAGAZINE:  $250 Mother's Day Bonanza.  
Mother's Day is a special day each and every year and a wonderful time to thank mom for all she does whether it's a gift, a card, or simply a day spent together.  National Examiner Magazine gave 5 lucky ladies a $250 care package full of beauty and lifestyle products including Gloss & Toss' signature blow-dry and finishing serum SHINE.  Even the busiest moms deserve to look and feel their best (and save a little time doing so sometimes).  Gloss & Toss SHINE blow-dry and smoothing serum helps speed up blow-dry time, fight frizz and humidity, control unruly ends and so much more.  Thank you moms everywhere for all you do. 

LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS: Red carpet season delivers red carpet hair products and lifestyle brands including the hot new brush for detangling hair from Gloss & Toss, healing oil for hair and scalp, as well as our signature blow-dry serum for hair.  Celebrities will receive Gloss & Toss hair care in both SAG AWARDS and OSCARS AWARDS gifting events in Los Angeles and Southern California. 

KCAL NEWS LOS ANGELES:  Look for Gloss & Toss hair care tips year after year on KCAL News at Noon Los Angeles.  From "back to work" beauty tips to holiday hair styles that are quick and easy to achieve, Gloss & Toss products are ideal for those beauty essentials and styling needs.  Remember, the classic ponytail will get you from a casual day out and about to a more sophisticated look and feel as well.  Tune into KCAL News Los Angeles for many great tips throughout the year from our creative team. 

INSIDEBAYAREA.COM:  "Brands Big & Small" Gift Awards Show Nominees for SAG Awards - Hollywood Swag. Celebrity swag includes countless beauty & lifestyle brands and this year celebrities like Jane Fonda, Sophia Vergara, Tina Fey (and more) carried home their own Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush great for detangling wet or dry hair as well as other styling needs.  This detangler brush is a versatile must have for your beauty ritual. 

BEAUTY STORE BUSINESS:    LOVIN' THAT GLOSSY HAIR!  Our signature shine and blow-dry serum was created for clients around the world who love radiant, healthy looking hair, while protecting their styling results against thermal styling, environmental damage, and keep it looking gorgeous year-round.  Beauty Store Business is a leading publication for industry-specific news and tips on the hottest items on the market!

HALLMARK HOME & FAMILY SHOW - HOLIDAY HAIR PRODUCT TIPS:   How to get the perfect blow-out and protect hair during harsh weather conditions.  Featured Gloss &Toss products included Smoothing Duo, Hair & Scalp Healing OilDetangle Brush, and more. 

SALON CITY MAGAZINE:  The problem? Winter weather can bring on a bad case of frizz.   The solution?  Gloss & Toss hair serum.  For ultimate polish and shine, use Gloss & Toss hair serum. It's more than a shine serum; it acts as a treatment serum as well to speed up blow-dry time, protect color treated hair, give weightless style and control, nourish thirsty ends, and so much more.   Does not build up on hair nor does it feel tacky or sticky.  

FABULOUSAFTER40.COM:  Gloss & Toss Shine serum for hair like a celebrity. Celebrity hair secrets and how you can get the look with Gloss & Toss products and our signature shine serum for hair.  Gorgeous hair never goes out of style no matter the length to protect your hair and keep it looking great with Gloss & Toss hair care.  Visit our SHOP page to learn more.

Inspirations & Celebrations: Dishing Winter Hair Tips featuring Gloss & Toss products.  Learn ways to smooth hair, add shine and get frizz free hair for winter.  Harsh weather can wreak havoc on hair and scalp and Gloss & Toss offers a variety of products to keep your hair and scalp looking great in harsh weather conditions, and all year round. 

Gloss & Toss featured in 2017 It's a Glam Thing blog. Products will once again be featured in HOLLYWOOD SWAG BAGS for the SAG AWARDS gifting season.  

GODADDY.COM BLOG:  Build Trust to bridge the gap between browsing and buying.  Gloss & Toss featured in this article here on how to win customers and keep them.  

HOLLYWOOD SWAG BAG:  2017 Sag Awards Nominees get Swagged by Hollywood Swag Bag - Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush featured in 2017 SAG AWARDS gifting events with Hollywood Swag Bag.  Celebrities took to the red carpet this season with fabulous goodies including our hot new brush for detangling hair.  Experience a more comfortable approach to hair detanglers and general brushing.  

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FOX-34 NEWS - Our Hair & Scalp Healing Oil, Daily Nourish Duo Shampoo & Conditioner and our exciting new Detangle Brush are all featured in this season's red carpet gifting events.  Gloss & Toss Hair Products make the perfect gift for your shopping needs all year long whether it's for someone you love - or perhaps yourself. 

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